Our mission

At ÉKI c.o., we pursue the objective to help individuals in their quest for meaning and their professional balance by accompanying them in a reflection around their career. Thus, by accompanying each client in his professional reflection, we want to ensure that each person that meets us undertakes a project that resembles them.

The actual labour market situation makes us believe that the services that we offer are essential to anyone who has the desire to take stock, wether it be an individual, an enterprise, or someone that has been refered to us by a governmental organization.

Thus, we guide individuals in their quest for meaning by taking the time to listen to them and to understand their reality. We believe that the future of people reside in their present and that our competences can help them to draw upon their background in order to engage themselves on a path that they would have chosen and that will be faithful to them.

Our services

  • Orientation

    Choice of a career corresponding to your personality, your interests and your abilities.

  • Clarification

    Guidance to face the indecision created by the abundance of options offered.

  • Information

    Transmission of information related to academic education and labour market.

  • Professional integration

    Coaching on job search methods such as exploiting the hidden market, the resume and the cover letter, and valorisation of your professional potential by the elaboration of a skills assessment.

  • Job retention

    Adaptation to the workplace in which you evolve.

  • Reorientation

    Revision of your career project in the light of your experiences and your situation.

  • Career development

    Elaboration of a plan in order to enrich your professional path within your actual profession or in another field.

  • Retirement planification

    Development of projects that will maintain you active.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Presence
  • Trust
  • Balance
  • Creativity

Our team

Created in 2015, ÉKI c.o. is a consulting firm that is committed to the guidance and support of their clients in their orientation process and the achievement of their dreams. This project was born from the happy encounter of two students of the orientation master’s program that have since graduated and are member of the OCCOQ.

ÉKI c.o., it is us, Éric and Isabelle. We chose the orientation field because the sectors in which we were evolving did not allow us to have a privileged contact with people in order to help them. Thus, with our extensive range of professional experiences and our various educational backgrounds, our team will know how to link your values, your competences, your ressources and your needs while lavishing advice for a rewarding career management.

We are interested in the unique story of each person and we care about mobilizing your strenghts in order to build your professional project together while taking your actual life circumstances into account. We reckon it is essential to consider each person’s differences as a factor to their success.

Where to find us

1545, Boulevard De L’Avenir
Office 202
Laval (Quebec)
H7S 2N5

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Contact us

You can reach us by telephone at 514 34 ékico (514 343-5426) or use the contact form below